Happy Thursday everyone! We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and is now preparing to ring in the new year.

And speaking of ringing in the new year, we are officially releasing the color schemes we came up with for our first Small Town Outdoors sweatshirts!

Now, HERE IS WHERE YOU WANT TO PAY ATTENTION: We have 4 different color schemes and we are deciding to let you – our followers, family, and friends – vote on the one you like the best! And in the end, whichever color scheme(s) is most popular, that will be our official sweatshirt that we will be releasing after the new year…

So how do you vote? Here’s how:

  • In the photo collage below, each color scheme is lettered, along with its description
  • Leave a comment on this blog saying what color pattern you like best by:
    • Commenting the letter of which one you like the most OR
    • Comment the given description of the one you like the most
  • OR go to our social medias (links at bottom of website) and you can vote there as well
    • Instagram – comment
    • Facebook – comment
    • Twitter – vote on the twitter poll

Here are the color schemes you can vote from:


A.  Black / White

B.  Orange / Black

C.  Black / Icy Blue

D.  Green / Orange

Because we want to release our first sweatshirt ASAP once the new year rings in, everyone will have 1 WEEK FROM TODAY to vote for your favorite sweatshirt!

So please vote, share with others and get them to vote, and let’s get this rolling!

And as always, find the outdoors within.

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