Back with another Sunday blog, Small Town Outdoors own Tyler Ripper talks a little pond hockey . . . A little change of pace from hunting/fishing! We hope you enjoy!

Well, if you’re living in the North Eastern part of the U.S., you probably just got hit with a pile of snow and are facing some cold temperatures. Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the snow and cold, I’m sure you’re DREADING this weather.. but if you’re like me and love when the ponds start to freeze over? Well I think you know where I’m going with this.

With temperatures dropping below freezing, the ponds are starting to freeze over and if you’re a hockey player/fan, this means one things: POND HOCKEY SEASON IS PRACTICALLY HERE!!

To the non-hockey player/fan, this may sound insane, right? Freezing cold temperatures, snow, skating with sharp steel blades on ice that you’re trusting won’t break through, that kind of jazz.

But to a hockey guy or gal through-and-through? This is what we LIVE for.

The ponds are where hockey started, and it’s the most freeing version of the game. You’re on a frozen sheet of water in the outdoors with your buddies. No boards to surround you, just snow and nature. There’s no offside, no icing, and no game clock. You’re just simply playing hockey with friends and family in the great outdoors where it’s all about fun. That’s the only thing that matters. Having fun, and enjoying the great game of hockey where it started: on the ponds, lakes, and rivers.


So when the ice is thick enough it’s time to lace up the skates, break out the biscuits and twigs, and carve up some ice and do a little dirty dangling. And if you happen to do so, share some pictures with us and show us what you got. Because after all, “This is hockey, OK? It’s not rocket surgery…”

Had to sneak in a little Mystery Alaska reference lol. Highly recommend watching this movie. Great hockey movie and has got some comedy mixed in, but it’s not a movie for little kids, fair warning..

All in all, just another way to find the outdoors within!

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