It’s been a few weeks now since our last blog, but we’re back with one from Tate Schwab! He explains his drive to make it big time in the Kayak Bass Fishing circuit, and how some help along the way adds to it. Things have been slow lately across social media and on the blog, but we’re still working on behind the scenes stuff for you guys and we think you’ll enjoy it! But until then, we hope you enjoy this blog!

Ever since I started fishing, I have wanted to go to the next level in the fishing world. I wanted to be on a team or sponsored. I wanted to fish big competitions.

I never thought it would be possible for me though. I say this because I didn’t start fishing until I was in 10th grade. I hardly knew anything about fishing, but I was going to find a way to take it to the next level.

And to do that, I constantly am talking fishing with others, watching a lot of YouTube video’s, spending countless hours on the water, and getting as much experience as possible in local club tournaments. I could tell throughout the years that I had been slowly improving. Once the 2018 season started, I felt that I was ready to represent a team. I felt that my name was known more due to leader boards, talking to others at these tournaments, and other fishing events in general.

So as the 2018 season started I sent out resumes to a few different places, and thankfully some of them got back to me. Two of the sponsors that really made things start happening for me in the 2018 season was Yakattack and Bonafide. They have been my back-bone to my kayak fishing “career”, and they are the ones that have been helping me get my name out there just by giving me the opportunity to represent their names.


Ever since these guys started believing in me, I started showing out at tournaments. I have got quite a few top 15’s, top 10’s, and 1 win so far. But one of my bigger accomplishments this last year was placing 9th overall at the Lake Erie, PA KBF tournament, which was one of the biggest tournaments I have competed in. This tournament was also when I qualified for the KBF National Championship, which I just recently attended in March 2019 (story to come!).


So needless to say, Yakattack and Bonafide have really made a dream come true for me. I’m finally starting to work my way into the kayak bass fishing world.

And as always, find the outdoors within!

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