Dancing in the Moonlight

Howdy folks, Tyler here with STO.

Have you ever listened to the song Dancing in the Moonlight? Well if you haven’t, I recommend you try it out and give it a listen because it’s a groovy, classic tune. Heck, you might even want to break out a few dance moves if you’re feeling frisky…

Dancing FPBL

And let me tell ya something, I sure felt like dancing in the moonlight on Friday night after a night of spotting and seeing some bucks that’ll give you buck fever.

Excited to get the bow out and hunt on Saturday, Friday night I grabbed the spotlight and brought along two good buddies, Tobey and Dylan, and we went driving on some dirt roads to see if the deer were moving.

Overall, I’d say we only came across 40 or so deer that night. But, we were seeing a lot of mature deer. A few young ones here and there, but the big boys were out moving around and they did not disappoint! Makes sense considering that rut should be in full swing this week.

This buck was the first solid buck we saw of the night. Stood just 30 yards from the road and could have cared less we were there.


To put it in perspective, out of all the mature bucks we saw Friday night (in an hour, we saw around 9-10 shooters, and 6 were bucks you dream of getting a shot at in the woods), he was one of the smallest… he may not be a giant, but he isn’t small either. He has a thick body on him, and a solid rack for a younger, mature buck. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get any pictures of the other ones, they didn’t stick around like this guy did. But nonetheless, it was an awesome night to spot.

We saw big bucks, a couple raccoons, a MONSTER porcupine that wobbled across a field like he owned it (had to be there, it was an interesting scene), and even encountered a little bit of snow fall along the way! Just another Friday evening for Small Town Outdoors, not a bad night in my books.

P.S. – I had a friend in college that had no clue what spotting was. After I explained it to him and said it was pretty normal in the little country towns around me, he thought I was insane. Must not be popular among city folk lol.

P.P.S – Thinking about making a remix. Spottin’ in the Moonlight… step back, think about it for a second. That’ll go number one on the charts, no doubt. Guess it’s time to start writing some lyrics guys, I’ll let you know what I come up with.. and keep an eye out for Tate’s blog coming soon about the big buck he shot last week! Subscribe to our blog for updates as we release them. 🙂

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  1. Just discovered you’re doing this! Very cool, Tyler. Hunter is 13 now. and isnt too interested in actually shooting something, but he LOVES go to spotting! He’d rather spend the majority of his time on a baseball diamond, but recently hes been asking to go spotting and wanting to go out and check trail cameras. Although he doesnt want to actually hunt, he is starting to develop a love for the woods and outdoors. Hoping to get him out archery hunting in the fall and if nothing else, just let him experience nature.

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