Introducing a New Sunday Series: Finding the Outdoors Within

What a couple weeks it’s been for Small Town Outdoors! Tyler here with a quick update.

In a brief overview: we started our website and have been continually working towards making it better. We started blogging. Tate shot a BEAUTIFUL buck a week and a half ago. Last night I harvested the biggest 5 point buck I’ll ever shoot (both being Tate and I’s first archery bucks, specifically). And finally, Tate and I are working on separate blogs currently about the stories of our successful hunts that we hopefully release soon.

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With all of this going on, we are starting our first Sunday Series. Why you may ask? Sunday is a day of rest, and because of that it seems like people look for something to keep them entertained while they relax. Reading articles, watching football, scrolling through social media, etc. So, we figured we’d try something new. Something to get other people involved in as well.

Introducing our first Sunday blog series: Finding the Outdoors Within.

Here’s the thing. If you’re following us, or are just now coming across us, you probably have some type of experience in the outdoors. And if you’re like Tate and I, then you got hooked on one of those activities. We want to hear how it all started.

So for the next month or couple months, every Sunday between 12-5pm starting next week, we will be posting a blog sharing people’s stories on how they got involved in the outdoors. Tate and I will start by writing ours on how we got involved in fishing and hunting.

And in between, we want to sprinkle in YOUR stories on how you got involved in the outdoors. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be about fishing and hunting. Maybe it’s trapping, hiking, snowboarding, riding ATV’s, kayaking/canoeing, sky diving, and so the list goes on!

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Point is this: we want people to start sharing their stories with us about their outdoor experiences, and what better way to do so than by writing stories on how we all found the outdoors within?

Send your SSB (Sunday Series Blog) to us at for a chance to have your blog featured on our page. Remember to subscribe, share, and follow us on social media!

P.S. – For all of you asking about apparel, we are working on it and we will get STO gear up as soon as we can! We’ll keep you updated along the way and thank you for your patience!

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