A Turkey Special

No, this blog isn’t about spring turkey season and calling in a 12” bearded gobbler with 1½” spurs, and a head as colorful as the skies are on July 4th

thanksgiving turkey

And it’s not about the difference in techniques between fall turkey hunting and spring gobbler…

Simply, we just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here at STO, we are thankful for the great outdoors to start with. The beauty, variety, and opportunity it provides us to pursue what we love in nature is something we can never repay, but only respect and be grateful for.

We’re extremely thankful for our amazing friends and family that support us in everything we do. Without them, we wouldn’t be sharing/spreading our passion for the outdoors in the manner that we are!

Lastly, we are more than thankful for you guys, our followers and supporters! We love seeing pictures of you guys getting involved in the outdoors and the stories you guys share with us. And we can’t wait for all the stories you guys share that are yet to be told!

We hope that you guys are enjoying everything we are doing, and hope you are as excited as we are for things we have coming in both apparel, and content.

With that being said, thank you for all of your support and spreading the word, and we hope you continue to do so! Each day we’re growing and trying to get better, so remember to critique us and give feedback.

So, from Small Town Outdoors to all of you, be safe and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

turkey gif

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