Finding the Outdoors Within. . . with Tate Schwab – How I Became Addicted to the Outdoors

Week 2 of our Sunday Blog Series is written by STO co-owner – and founder of Small Town Outdoors – Tate Schwab, and he tells the story on how he got addicted to the outdoors. . . 

. . . Back when I was younger, I always had an interest in the outdoors. I was always out shooting my bow at 3D shoots with my dad, or out fishing ponds with friends. But at this time I never took a huge interest in the outdoors, it was just something to past the time.

My real interest at the time was action sports (biking / skateboarding) and agility-driven sports (basketball / hockey). Those held my interest more back in the day rather than the outdoors did.



Then one day, my one friend Aaron took me out archery hunting. He let me sit in one of his tree stands, and from there on I was hooked.

My first time out I was able to see two bucks spar, lots of deer, and had a bear come right up to the tree stand. Aaron was also the one that taught me the base of bass fishing, so yes; he was the one that had sparked my forever love with the outdoors.

Basically, this brings us back to about my sophomore year of high school. Needless to say, my passion for the outdoors started a little later than most. However, it has since grown to be one of the biggest parts of my life. And honestly, it is my life.


It was then that I was ready to learn everything there was to know about the great outdoors. I am always asking my dad, my friends, and many others on what they know and have experienced in the outdoors. Not only have I learned from just talking to people, but I have also put in countless hours on YouTube. I try to learn as much as I can because I want to be the best outdoorsman I can possibly be. It’s a dream to pursue a “career” in the outdoors for me.

All that being said, I love the outdoors and what all it has to offer. I’m not going to waste your time by going on and on about what you should do outdoors, because I want YOU to go out and experience what it has to offer for yourself.

And that, is how I found the outdoors within.

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