Finding the Outdoors Within . . . with Tate Schwab – Peace of Mind on the Water

Being out on the water catching fish and enjoying your self is very addicting. Ever since my first time on the water, this addiction has stuck with me.

Fishing is one of the best therapies for me. There is nothing that beats just floating around out on the water, just waiting for that one bite that you have been looking for all day long. That one good bite could make your whole day out on the water worth it, but sometimes it isn’t everything.


Even if you don’t get that one big bite that makes your whole day, that’s okay, because you’re still out getting peace of mind on the water.

My mind set when I go out on the water is to always catch a monster bass. If that monster bass never comes about, yes I’m a little upset. But then something just hits me that everything is good, and I actually had a really good day because like I said, I get that peace of mind out floating and enjoying myself on the water.

I have come to learn that fishing is a lot more than just going out and catching big fish or a lot of fish: it’s about going out and enjoying the sights, the weather, the water, nature, and you could go on and on about what all you can enjoy while your fishing.


Just always remember the peace of mind that you are getting when you go out on the water.

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