Change of Pace From the Sunday Series

Wanting to take a brief hiatus from our Sunday Series, here are a few updates from the Small Town Outdoors crew that will get you through the Sunday scaries:

To start with, if you’ve been following along with our social media, we’ve been having a lot of people sharing their outdoor experiences, specifically hunting as of late and it’s awesome! A lot of big bucks have been taken this year and sent to us, with some great stories along the way.

Big Texas Buck.jpg

For anyone who has more hunting experiences to share, keep sending them to us! Just because archery and rifle season in PA are over, doesn’t mean the stories have to stop. Also, don’t limit the outdoors to just hunting/fishing…any outdoor recreation activities you are involved in and want to share, please do so!

One thing that has been asked a lot to us lately is apparel. Well fortunately, we have an update!

After Christmas, we will be releasing social media posts and a blog, where you will be able to comment/vote on your favorite design that you would like to see be used on our first piece of apparel that we release. We will start by releasing 1-2 different apparel items soon after the first of the year comes, then we will sprinkle out the rest of our new line of apparel when we can and when we come up with new designs!

STO yellow gray.jpg

And finally, we want to thank everyone for their ongoing support!

We’re still learning the website/blogging process, but we’re getting there. With that being said, we’re starting to get more views and we hope you guys are enjoying the blogs! If you want to write a blog for the Sunday Series (which will be back in the next week or two), or just about any outdoor experiences you would like to share, send it to us at to be featured on our website.

As always, don’t forget to share, follow, and subscribe to our blog! We’re growing everyday and that’s thanks to you guys. And remember, find the outdoors within.

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