Take a Kid Turkey Hunting – by Ralph Terrill

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I think everyone should experience introducing the outdoors to a new hunter.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to take people out for there 1st spring gobbler hunts and I feel like now for that reason, they are hooked on hunting turkeys. There is nothing that gets your heart pumping like a gobbler sounding off close to you.

RT - Andru

I was able to take my cousins son Andru (pictured above) out this year for his 1st time turkey hunting. He wasn’t able to harvest a bird, but we were close the 1st time I took him out. We had birds talking but hens kept cutting us off. The gobbler was even answering his calls. It was nice to get a text from him on my way home that day asking if i was taking him next week. I knew then he was hooked.

We hunted again together with no luck. So he got to experience both side of turkey hunting. Exciting and Boring lol. But even when the birds arent talking it is still awesome to be out in God’s creation.

I got to experience some great hunts but the most memorable one’s were calling my oldest sons 1st gobbler in and having our best friends with us that day. What a great morning. I am sure these 2 boys remember this morning like it was yesterday. Called in 3 jakes and Dylan (pictured below) shot one.

RT - Dylan

Then it was Tyler’s turn but I think he got gobbler fever because the other 2 stayed around a few minutes but he never did shoot.

So my 2nd favorite hunt was calling Tyler (pictured below) his 1st bird in and again we were all hunting together out at his grandma’s. We hiked for quite a few miles and on our way out, we got some birds fired up and Tyler made a great shot and dropped his bird.


My 3rd favorite wasn’t my youngest son Cole’s (pictured below) first bird, but his 2nd because the year before his brother Dylan was able to call his 1st bird in to him.

RT - Cole

This hunt was great. It was just him and I, we snuck in tight on a roosted bird. I called him right off the roost. He came right in front of Cole and he smoked him. I actually have his hunt on video.

So to end this short blog, take a kid hunting!!! You never know, they may get hooked and it was because of you!

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