It Just Ain’t Worth It – by Tim Staub

Welcome back to another Small Town Outdoors blog, where this week, we have our second winner of our free hat promotion!! Tim Staub wrote a great blog on a memory in the outdoors from when he was a kid, and how it relates to him and his family today… So congratulations Tim on your free hat, and thank you for sharing! We hope everyone is having a great weekend, and enjoys this story!

At the times of the year like father’s day and birthdays, you tend to remember some things of years gone past.

It was hunting season back when I was I think 13, 42 years ago. My dad and I were out deer hunting. It was buck season because back then it was almost impossible to get a doe license so getting a deer each year was a challenge. It seemed like we would see a buck each year the first day about 8:00am. I would take a shot at it and of course miss it. My dad would not be happy. Seeing a buck back in the day was a challenge and when you see one first thing, your dad lets you get the first shot and you miss?… doesn’t make for a good deer season.

The one time I said there was something wrong with my gun so he gave me his and he used mine. He proceeded to hit a doe in the brush going about 200 mph (carrying the mail as they say) with my gun. I shut up about the guns after that.

This deer season we were out in Petroleum Center standing. It was winter, it was cold and there was snow on the ground (imagine that. During deer season there was snow). It seemed like we were standing there forever, realistically probably no more than an hour. I was cold and whining. I turned to my dad and said…”it just ain’t worth it”. Those words stuck with me and my dad the rest of his life. He enjoyed telling people that story. I don’t blame him. I laugh about that day to this day.

As I got older and had kids myself I realized that it really was worth it. I look back as a kid during hunting season and trout season every year. Friends and relatives always got together and enjoyed the season. Whether it is looking forward to the first of deer or opening day of trout season this is something that is worth it. Spending time with family and sharing the outdoors.


As always, find the outdoors within . . .

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