Archery Eve: T’was the Night Before Opening Day . . .

Listen, 2020 has been a long year. It’s been full of challenges and obstacles. It’s challenged the will of each and everyone of us in different ways. But ya know what? When the world wants to push fear & uncertainty on you, you have to push back and try to find happiness and positivity. Well we at Small Town Outdoors are VERY happy because today, October 2nd, 2020, is officially Archery Eve.

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Ah yes, archery eve. The type of eve where you aren’t going to bed expecting to wake up to wrapped presents, but expecting to wake up to a fall crisp morning. The kind of morning where you walk into the woods feeling the leaves crunch and move underneath you, trying to quietly get to your stand/blind without bumping any deer.

Most hunters are doing last minute prep the night before opening day for archery. We’re getting the last of our gear packed & ready for the early morning, making sure our hunting clothes are all together and scent free, and making sure our bow is ready to let an arrow fly the next morning if we are blessed with that opportunity.

Anxiousness. For most dedicated archery hunters, that’s the feeling the night before opening day. It’s been 11 months since the last time we’ve been in a stand with our bow, and all we want is for tomorrow to come so we can take a deep breath at the break of dawn, and hopefully have a morning full of whitetail activity. But alas, there’s still a full night of sleep to be had before the morning fog comes about.

While there’s still hours in-between preparation and (hopefully) execution, Small Town Outdoors could not be more excited. Yes, we are anxious to get out into the woods. Anxious to take in tomorrow’s cool crisp morning and enjoy mother nature’s serenity. We take tonight as a final night of preparation and reflection. “What went wrong last year that I can improve on this year, starting tomorrow? What did I do right last year that I need to do again?” All of this preparation, scouting, and reflection lead into creating a wonderful challenge/experience, where the ethics and respect of the hunt are the most important aspect at the end of the day. Where a harvest can provide food for our families, and help control the wildlife population at the same time. That, is what being a hunter is all about.

So while we are enjoying every moment of tonight and looking to enjoy archery season itself even more, we hope you are too and that you find the outdoors within. To all archery hunters going out tomorrow beginning their quest for that big buck they’ve had on camera all summer and looking to put meat on the table, from Small Town Outdoors, good luck!!

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Happy Archery to all, and to all, a good night.

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