MUST WATCH: Video of Red Fox Burying It’s Dinner . . .

So Small Town Outdoors has got off to quite the start during PA archery, as we are just past halfway thru the season, and both Tate and I were able to harvest 2 nice bucks within the first couple weeks of the season. We’ll have more on those stories sometime soon, but for now, I experienced quite the scenario on Saturday in the woods that I wanted to share with everyone.

Even on the days where the whitetail aren’t moving, I’m still thankful to be spending those days in the woods. You never know what you’ll see, and there’s nothing better than sitting in a tree-stand in late October. Well Saturday, other than seeing a couple deer and enjoying a peaceful evening in the woods, I got to see something I feel I may not see again.

Early in the evening, I saw a red fox cut across in front of me at about 45 yards. I thought, “huh, never saw a red fox back here before. Pretty cool!” So I keep my eyes open hoping a doe is going to come in, and about an hour later, I hear something trotting towards me from my right. I look over expecting to see a deer (or a squirrel . . . you know what I’m talking about hunters), and what do I see? Not a deer, but looked to be the same fox I saw an hour before, heading right to me . . . with a little evening snack in it’s mouth! Here’s the video below:

Red Fox – 10/24/2020 Archery

I mean, what are the odds of seeing that?!?! A red fox with a chipmunk in it’s mouth is one thing, but then to see it bury ole’ chippy under some leaves saving it for later when it’s ready for dinner? Well now that, is pretty cool if you ask me!

Eventually, when the fox cut 5 yards in front of me, you see he cut back hard to the right before he trotted away. Right when he made his cut-back, is the path I took to get to my stand. So I’m assuming he got a whiff of me and got skiddish (didn’t get winded by either deer I saw, so foxes must have a really strong sense of smell? I don’t know much about them but that’s my assumption).

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As always, thanks for reading and find the outdoors within.

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